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Coaching with Lila

Your confident, you have a good life, why is success so hard So you're ready to make rapid transitions because you want to lead and live better. your ready for remodeling prioritize a and uplevel your life, 

but you lack the clarity confidence, and know-how to make the leap?  

I can help you breakthrough to


So that you can experience


in your life


I Help you Overcome:










Lila Harding


 But you feel distracted.  You're HESITATING.

You can feel its time for shifting, but clarity and

resolve feel elusive. 

Frankly, you are a bit WARN-OUT and overwhelmed at the thought of trying to figure it all out on your own. 

Well, now you don't have to.


Whether it's a situation, a project or a bigger life- challenge you to feel stuck in,


I can help you to rejuvenate your Big Why


and restore CLARITY, FOCUS, and  JOY 

So that you can feel


 Attract What you want

And fall in love with your life again

In your Business and LIfe







with Lila Harding



Lila Harding is experienced, discreet and grounded guide, undaunted by complexity. She is nimble enough to dive into the deep end in full scuba gear or wade through the swamps helping you to find meaning, answers and bold solutions.

Her imagination and emphasis on a playful path will keep you joyfully engaged as she wields her real-world expertise to help you knuckle down and get leverage on your current reality.

She will support you to make impactful choices while encouraging you as the creator of your life as a grand adventure.  She will call you on your B.S. and redirect you with compassion when you need clarity, focus and discipline.  Gifted in helping to uncomplicate situations from their dynamics, she will keep you from hiding the truth from yourself and support you to source your own wisdom.  

She is pragmatic and results-driven in the face of real-life pressures that want solutions and will stick with you for the long haul.

Over the past 25 years Lila has worked with executive leaders, visionary’s, creatives, entertainers and solopreneurs in the private, nonprofit and start-up space helping them source their creativity, formulate solutions and take a powerful stand in the life they are creating.

Finding your way is process, being inspired, turned-on and happy is a choice. She can assist you to in both.

So here is the question.  where you want to be, by when? 



With a background as a Certified Master in Neurolinguistic Programing, Neurological Re-Patterning, Performance Consulting and Professional Growth, Lila understands that living an inspired life involves dedication to a process of continual change, personal development, and rediscovery.    

She has studied with masters and luminaries across disciplines and knows from firsthand experience how to overcome the personal and professional challenges to reinvent one’s self.

After years as a business development consultant focused on marketing and sales growth for entrepreneurs, she witnessed that achieving business growth financial success were not synonymous with health, happiness.  She learned that true joy, contentment and life satisfaction for her clients also meant health, connection, creativity and self-expression and relationship.

So, her work evolved.  This shift in awareness inspired her reconnect with her foundational education in holistic health, healing and personal transformation and of all things, her lifelong love of horses spending the past 15 years offering sessions and personal retreats with horses as guides.

She nurtures her client’s pursuit’s for passion, purpose, authenticity connection and happiness through experiential one-one coaching, personal intensive retreats. 

She has spoken and taught to groups of 4 to 1000 on topics ranging from personal empowerment, professional growth and healing though connection with horses. She continues to be inspired and amazed by nature the resilience of the human spirit.



with Lila Harding





You can


"Lilas coaching is like focusing a laser beam of clarity on any situation.  She helps you find that next step that brings about the biggest impact."

           ~ Julianna Christie

When Lila came into my life I was 47 years old recently divorced 

(after 22-years of marriage), mother of 6 struggling to make it on my own for the first time in my life.

I had a private practice, but what I was doing was not working.  I as in a financial hole I didn't know how I would get out of. I literally paid Lila with my rent money not knowing how I would pay for the next month. 

Lila's powerful holistic approach took me from financial ruin, not knowing how I would survive to the ability to consistently and repeatedly make money. I transformed my business model to get sell and get paid for packages up front and I was able to turn every aspect of my business around and completely restructure my financial picture. 

Within a month my schedule was booked solid.  Not long after that, I added a product to my business that transformed everything completely and was able to move into a new career path giving me time and energy for family, travel and a whole new life.  She supported me to literally create abundance and riches in all aspects of my life.  She over delivered!   With Heartfelt Thanks.

~ Valerie G.  Entrepreneur, Artist, Happy 

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