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As a speaker, Lila will make you think, laugh, and wonder while she smuggles in transformational content inside the experiential format of her talks.

Her audiences often learn while laughing, the importance of engaging playfully in all pursuits. To make experiencing daily moments of joy a priority and to view life’s challenges as a series of games and a remarkable resume building opportunity.  

Lila invites one to discover that change can be invigorating even when it is challenging,  

She provides a fiery invitation to ignite their childlike curiosity and helps them reboot their internal guidance systems to get themselves back on a path of purpose, meaning and happiness.

What else would you expect from a woman who has survived- failing as a standup comedian, being framed by a large organization as whistleblower and put in protective custody, Overcoming a painful inflammatory condition that made her shift careers, being shot at on her first, AND LAST day job as a limo driver, and recovering a micro stroke that took over year to recover from to name a few.

 Excuse me do you work here? That’s what people often ask Lila, whether she’s in a client’s business environment or even a retail store. It’s her dynamic presence and pleasant take-charge attitude that leaves people feeling that she must be (or, perhaps, should be) in charge.

Imaginative, enterprising and tall for her age, Lila’s charismatic and inquisitive nature grabbed the attention of influential leaders early on in her life and granted her access into nontraditional teachers, education, business and leadership opportunities over four decades and on three continents. Her out-of-the-ordinary path has given her unique access and perspective behind the scenes of leadership—forever demystifying the glamour of being in charge. 

As she embarked upon her path, Lila quickly learned that her natural gift for humor was a secret weapon she could use to bring out the power for good in any situation.

Over time, Lila developed into a leadership maverick, trainer and communication, expert acquiring a degree in Holistic Health Education, and Certifications in High-Performance Coaching and Neuro Linquist Programming and a considerable portfolio of real-world experience along the way.

Drawing upon her natural curiosity, Lila has explored the world of leadership in a variety of ways:
Is it about control?  A charismatic personality? Body language? A power suit? Is it an exclusive club for the chosen few?  Or is it something different altogether?


With this ongoing quest in mind, Lila has spent her last 15 years as the CEO of Luminary Communications,  enthusiastically engaged in the emerging field of Equine Assisted Leadership Development.   Incorporating the herd’s wisdom into her message and methods of teaching. What Lila and her clients have discovered about leadership is dramatically different than what might typically be found in more traditional approaches.

Lila advocates that everyone is a leader, whether they realize it or not. She sees leadership as being integrally connected to awareness; taking a stand in the moment; responding when you feel a sense of passion, conviction or purpose regarding what is happening around you. 
At the heart of her message is that leadership is about the type of relationship we create with people and situations. Leadership provides each of us an opportunity to act; to engage our personal response-ability in those situations and circumstances where we want to have an impact. We all have the power to influence the outcomes in powerful and productive ways, she believes; first and foremost by the impact of our presence.


As a personal leadership advisor, fortified with real-world entrepreneurial business experience, and a diverse human and equine behavior perspective, Lila has advised a wide array of clients—from movie stars, C-suite executives, laser physicists, and philanthropists to Full Bird Colonels, and visionary entrepreneurs.

In her own inimitable way, she has assisted them in navigating through the ever-changing and often challenging situations they face. She does so with a rare blend of creativity, humor, and humility that result in powerful shifts in perspectives and outcomes and often ripples out to affect thousands of people who travel alongside those she consults and coaches.    



"Lila's coaching instincts are one in a million"  ~ Martin Sage,  Entrepreneur, Therapist, Author

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