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There is No Time Like NOW to Begin Your Next Adventure

You might be wondering how to know if you are ready to receive guidance and support? OR When is the best time to start your next phase or adventure; to start over or start anew.

You can continue to wonder, or you can just decide that NOW is the best time to start.

While you may have reasons and excuses that make you want to wait till later to begin, from my 25 years of coaching experience I can tell you that most of those reasons that you have are a form of procrastination. The best remedy for procrastination is just to weigh the facts, set a date, and jumping in.

One of the main reasons people report not wanting to just dive in and begin is a lack of clarity about what they want to accomplish. Often client's goals are too big and they need help breaking them down into more manageable parts.

A good coach can help you both address and remove the resistance that may be keeping you suspended, stuck and help you alleviate the fear that comes with goals that are too big and vague.

Do yourself a favor and commit an action step. Take one step closer to your goal RIGHT NOW!

One step you could take is to make a list with a column of "all of the reasons that I want to want to begin My Big WHY" and a column of "all of the reasons I am hesitating or procrastinating a start date" MY FEARS. Another category or column you can explore is "what I stand to lose if I don't begin" THE COST.

Once you review your thoughts on paper, ask yourself, what's a stake and what you have to lose by pausing and spinning your wheels?

While there are some legitimate reasons to postpone your personal launch. The simple fact is that there are more reasons to begin. Even just doing a few clarity sessions to help you put your plan into perspective and understand the steps can be the most beneficial next step if you really feel overwhelmed.

Please contact me if you want to schedule your free consultation or book some clarity sessions to learn if results coaching is for you.

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