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 Do you have a plan for navigating your

life's big challenges

with clarity, courage, and confidence ?  


My clients do.

Navigating in Woods

Breakthrough Clarity Sessions

Are you facing something?

is it time for a breakthrough? 

Breakthrough sessions are about restoring a sense of clarity, option, and freedom to a situation.

We will invoke your passionate desires and blow away obstacles. Using actionable strategies that provoke creativity a renewed desire to follow-through will emerge

Accessing help precisely when needed, eliminates struggles, creates solutions, improves focus, and boosts productivity.

Experience the expanded sense of possibility, remarkable energy and relief that will flow as your situation starts to shift.                              

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Coaching Packages

Want to reconnect with your creative Mojo and reimagine your life in a meaningful way thatt's in alignment with your true values?  Well first we have to understand what's truly important to you. 

Having me as your dedicated advisor and guide, helps you navigate circumstances as they arise, making the experience more effective and pleasurable.

Breakthrough limitations, achieve your desired outcomes and move forward with power, confidence, and grace.

With my experience and support behind you will rediscover the purpose and resolve needed to move forward powerfully. 

Underwater Dive

Deep Dive

 Personal Intensive

Life in transition?  Ready to make some bigger, more strategic plans in your business or personal life. Let's to a Life-Storming TM session.


Come to beautiful Ashland, Oregon and spend some deep time with me. We will do the work while we enjoy the beauty of nature to revive and renew.  


As your personal muse and guide, you’ve got me all to yourself. We will tune into your deepest essence, and excavate your true passions  

​You will blast through the old story, and re-emerge ready to live your life with gusto.  This is designed to be a memorable life-changing vacation. 

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