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Raving Fans

"If you are ready to be catapulted into success… book Lila. Now.  Lila is one of the most incredible coaches in the industry.  In a matter of 5 minutes (or in a ONE SENTENCE VIP text) she can break me out of limitation and into possibility.  I wouldn’t have gone the road less traveled. I wouldn’t be a Numerologist without her as a mentor, coach, and secret-speed-dial-weapon. If you are wanting to stay old, small and outdated - BUYER BEWARE. Lila is NOT for traditionalists or know-it-alls. She is a truth teller an advocate for a part of you that you don’t believe in yet. She won’t buy your bull shit.   You have to be ready to check your ego at the door and see what she sees."

~ Natalie Pescetti Numerology Coach   





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"Lila is a one-of-a-kind catalyst for liberation. I felt trapped in an organizational situation… then Lila entered the room. Before she said a word, things began to shift. Now, if we could bottle Lila and sell her in tiny flasks … Actually, I only recommend Lila to those ready for a change right now, because that’s the alchemical power she brings. In other words, only call Lila when you want results. Oh, she’s also a born comedian!"

~ Will Wilkinson, Author, Now or Never Founder Thriving Academy

"I’ve had a hard time with clarity lately.  I get wrapped up in time wasters and energy drains all too easily. I reached out to Lila to help me find focus and direction.  She got right down to the marrow of what it is I really wanted in about .5 seconds.  She has a way of turning off the excess noise and turning up the tune of what it is that makes my soul dance.   Highly recommend!!!"    

~Tiffany Hokanson Mixed Media Artist & Writer

“Lila’s coaching is like focusing a laser beam of clarity on any situation.  She helps you find that next step that brings about the biggest impact."  


~ Julianna Christie Marketing & Leadership Consultant

“Love is the driving force behind Lila. She spots patterns and behaviors and with just the right words, she sparks the fire inside you, to find your way home.   What's unique about her wisdom is that it comes from a deeply raw, radically humorous, and rock solid inner guidance.  And this helps you find your answers to life's questions.   I have never laughed so hard and lit up in joy as when I talk to Lila.  She was with me at a time in my life that I changed everything.  I broke open the Circle.  And she held my hand and my heart unconditionally.”

~ Tara Sheahan Activist, CEO & Founder at Conscious Global Leadership

  "Lila gives voice to her GENIUS while helping you access yours.  I am grateful to have her as an ally on my personal team.  Her insight and special brand of support are far-reaching and incredibly powerful.. 

 ~Ben Hummell Therapist, Author. Summoning Genius: A Midlife Guide to Discovering Identity, Purpose, and Meaning

"Lila gets you to the heart and soul of your joy" ~Elvira W.

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