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"I am a resource, and a champion for your creative, visionary, ideas, dreams, and life pursuits.  I work for them."   ~ Lila Harding

Hi there. It must feel like it's time to get a major injection of authentic energy and motivation. That's why you're here. 


I offer solution-specific support and guidance for passionate people.   For over 25 years, I have coached creatives and entrepreneurs to be inspired, aligned, and clear; to merge with their visionary essence, find their joy, and reconnect with their purposeful path.        

As a lifelong entrepreneur, I understand the challenges of the driven passionate creative person to balance achievement and freedom with abundance and happy relationships.    

Using cutting-edge brain science, practical processes, and tactical humor, I'll invite yourto engage with CHANGE as a playful game and life-affirming experiment. I will help you see solutions and possibilities that will pave the way for, efficiency, and results.  Together we focus on celebrating success and future achievements, while they are happening. 

I am dedicated to supporting heart-centered leaders, to make the world a better place by fully bringing themselves and their people to LIFE.   

Contact me to get unstuck, re-inspired, and back on track building and manifesting your successful creative life. Let me help you SPRING BACK into action, with my energizing brand of solution-specific support and guidance.


Balancing Stones
" Lila is for Joy, Transformation and Good"  
~ M.  Prichard, Sherman Oaks. CA
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