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Lila Harding -- vitalty, wellness and motivation guide, available worldwide online or in person for sessions and private intensives.

"I am a resource, and a champion for your creative, visionary  dreams and life pursuits.  I work for them."   ~ Lila Harding

Hi there. It must feel like it's time to get a major injection of energy and motivation.   To feel your best in your body and shift from stagnation and pain to vitality and well-being.  That's why you're here. 


My name is Lila and I offer solution-specific support and guidance for people hungry for the change that comes when we feel good in our bodies.  I have learned there is room for improvement at any age and we don't have to accept the status quo.  

What I have noticed is that when people feel better, they do better! 


For over 25 years, I have coached hundreds of people to enhance their lives and embrace health and happiness through one-on-one programs, retreats, and private intensives.      

As a lifelong entrepreneur, I understand the challenges of balancing achievement and freedom with health, happiness, and relationships.  I know what it is like to feel uninspired, exhausted, and stressed and I have healed through many tough health challenges. 

I will guide you on a mindset reset and a whole body upgrade using cutting-edge holistic devices and tools to improve your mind and body at the same time. 

Using science, practical processes, and tactical humor. I'll invite you to engage with CHANGE as a playful game and life-affirming experiment. 


As your body starts to recover, you will see solutions, possibilities, and opportunities. . .  new avenues of success and well-being will open for you.   We will focus on celebrating your success and future achievements, while they are happening.  

I'll help you optimize your health as you learn skills to create a lifestyle that will inspire you.   

So whether you are focused on longevity and proactive health or you are stuck in a painful spiral feeling overwhelmed with no support or current solutions in sight.  I am here to help you flip your script, make the shift, and change your patterns.

I am dedicated to making the world a better place and it will be a better place with a healthy you in it.   

Get in touch and let's focus on your vitality and well-being so you can SPRING BACK into action, with my energizing brand of solutions, support, and guidance.


Balancing Stones
" Lila is for Joy, Transformation and Good"  
~ M.  Prichard, Sherman Oaks. CA

Let’s Connect Your Passion and your Purpose With a Plan  

Work with ME 

Reclaim your Health
Reconnect with your Joy
Enjoy your Life

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